Public Safety Personal Information Privacy


Protect yourself and your family from information databases.  Developed by a Public Safety Officer for Public Safety Personnel and their families.





Why Public Safety Privacy?



    In today's fast paced technology driven society, anyone can find out anything about anybody relatively quickly and quietly. The Internet has opened up these search capabilities and whether by computer or cellular PDA phones, these tasks are easy to complete in a minimum amount of time. Just type your name in one of the many free search engines available and see what comes up.



    You expose yourself to numerous potential life threatening situations everyday as a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Correctional Officer, Detective, Prosecutor, etc. There are unscrupulous people out there that will not stand by and let their freedom be taken away even though they have broken the law. Why not protect yourself and your family by eliminating your personal information from information databases so these crooks can not find you or your family.



    There are cases where criminals have been contacted, or search warrants have been executed and during these contacts or searches information whether on paper or in computers has been found regarding home addresses and other locations of public officials and their families. In a southern California case, while investigating a local drug dealer, officers found the dealer had run several credit reports on the arresting officers, printed maps identifying the homes of several officers and the judge who had arraigned her. She had trash from the judges house apparently to look for more information.



    Additionally, criminals are conducting more and more frauds online and committing Identity Theft and Internet frauds. Removing your personal information limits your exposure to these criminals. The Identity Theft Resource Center’s 2008 breach report indicates 656 reported breaches at the end of 2008, reflecting an increase of 47% over last year’s total of 446. See full report here


    With our service you can remove your private and personal information from these databases so criminals can't get to you or your family. Your information is removed for a four year period.







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